Lily Spencer

Lily helps purpose-driven organisations find the winning messages to reframe debates, persuade new audiences and build a fairer and more flourishing world.

As a senior communications consultant her clients are leaders in their fields – from the Climate Council to Choice, Greenpeace and GetUp. Lily’s worked social enterprises, progressive labour unions, health organisations, political parties, aid organisations, human rights groups and many more. She was the founding Campaigns Director for GetUp in 2005, and continues to advise a growing network of GetUp-inspired groups around the world. She’s co-founded and sold a creative and strategy consultancy and now works on a mix of freelance projects.

Lily is also leading the Economic Messaging Project: a new initiative with the Centre for Australian Progress to help civil society leaders share winning messages on the key debates of the day – from tax to housing and inequality. In 2016, Lily completed the Australian Progress Message Fellowship with Anat Shenker Osorio.