Dan de Sousa

Dan de Sousa is a social media consultant, writer and video producer based in Melbourne.

Dan received international recognition while working as a member of the Optus social media team for his compassionate and educated replies to social media posts questioning the Telco company’s use of the Arabic language on signs welcoming speakers of Arabic to visit their local store for assistance in their native tongue. The way Dan responded to the often xenophobic posts without being disrespectful, as well as his empathetic use of fact and perspective, helped inspire other businesses to approach their customer interactions with more honesty and humanity.

He tries to “live a life worth writing about”, and is currently producing a book titled ‘Love in the age of ADHD’ to raise money for victims of domestic violence.

Dan attributes his actions to a very diverse career history, a passion for learning about people from all cultures, and a love of inspiring smiles.