Burkhard Gnärig (Germany)

Burkhard Gnärig is one of the co-founders and the Executive Director of the International Civil Society Centre, a not-for-profit organisation helping international civil society organisations (ICSOs) to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their work. Key areas of the Centre’s expertise are leadership, governance and management. The Centre regularly convenes many of the sector’s key leaders including the global Chairs and CEOs of Amnesty International, CARE, Greenpeace, Oxfam, Plan, Transparency International, World Vision and WWF. Today the Centre is co-owned by 15 of the world’s most prestigious ICSOs. Burkhard has ample experience working with ICSOs’ national and international management and governance structures. He has been CEO of Save the Children International, Greenpeace Germany and terre des hommes Germany, and Board Chair or Board Member of various organisations in Germany, Italy, Switzerland, India, Korea and Japan. Burkhard has provided advice on international leadership, governance and management to many of the major ICSOs. Burkhard recently published “The Hedgehog and the Beetle”, a book on the future of ICSOs.